Best Manufacturer g365 granite
Best Manufacturer g365 granite

Best Manufacturer g365 granite

company : Laizhou Kingstone Co.,Ltd
address : Laizhou, Yantai City, Shandong, China



Best Manufacturer g365 granite

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g365 granite

product specifications

Product Name: White G365

surface treatment: polished granite, fire, natural, cutting, etc

Finished products: tiles, skirting boards, cubic stone, walls, countertops, on the windowsill, profile bricks, panels, etc.

use: internal and external decorations of building stone. Daban

G365 granite and platelets:

1) processing mode: fire, cake, polish, chisel machine, naturally, sanding, sawing

2) fat thickness, conventional: 10, 20, 30, 40 mm 18mm, conventional size, 50mm


a) 305x305mm or 12 "

b) 400x400mm X12 "or" x16 "16

c) 457x457 or 18 "x18"

d) 600x600 or 24 "x24"

E) 600x1200up / 1500up / 1800upx20 / 30mm

f) 100x100x100 / 100x100x60 or 80 or 90mm

g) may accept a different size of the character.


G365 granite: 100/110 / 160 / 180x33 / 35x3cm

steps: 100/110/120/130/140/150/160 / 180x15x2cm

size custom

G365 road along the stone granite and pave the road stone:

material: granite

natural stone G365 square-wave, rectangular,: sector, wave, circular, design rules and customers are not

size: 60 * 40 cm, 75 * 50 cm, 50 * 50 cm, 30x30cm, 40x40cm, 140 * 200 * 100cm etc

75 cm, in accordance with the requirements of customers

G365 granite countertop and tables:

24 "x96", "x96" 26 "x96", 28, 28

36 "x108" "x78", "x78 39", "x78" 28

66 "x42 84", "x42", "x78

12 86 x42 "15", "x78"

thickness of 2.5 cm, 3: 2 cm,

other aspects, such as are provided on request.


(1) slabs: strong wooden;

(2) tiles: fumigation wooden table drawers and (3);

table tops: nautical wooden boxes

(4); providing specialized requirements for packaging

frequently asked Questions:

1. Position is your company?

Laizhou, Shandong Province, China.

2. your main product?

Our products, including granite and marble, tile, flat, asphalt paver, tables, sculptures, stove, fireplace, etc

3. The minimum quantity is how much?

granite and marble usually 1 * 20 other quantity of GP, we also can offer, cheaper.

Delivery time?

delivery time about received deposits or letter of credit 15 - 25 days after

5. are you payment terms?

we accept TT recommendations of 30%, before shipment or l / c Balance in sight.

Product Brand:Laizhou Kingstone

Order Quantity:1x20'gp

Product Price:5-30 usd/m2

Product Package:wooden crates

Transportation:by vessel

Lead time:7-20 days

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location address

Laizhou, Yantai City, Shandong, China

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